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Rejected Cartoons.

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Rejected Cartoons.
My sister Rebecca sent me this. If you watch the whole thing, you’ll be my new best friend. This guy cracks me up.

Mmmmmmn, classy.

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From Axe. File under ‘subtle advertising”. top Party Time.

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The Kingfish

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Who took on the Standard Oil menAnd whipped their assJust like he promised he’d do?Ain’t no Standard Oil men gonna run this stateGonna be run by little folks like me and you Here’s the Kingfish, the KingfishFriend of the working manThe Kingfish, the KingfishThe Kingfish gonna save this land… top

Josh Keyes Interview

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This guy’s stuff kills me. California artist Josh Keyes is interviewed at Take a look. Very cool. top Wants You.

Written by . Filed under design, fauborg, flash, graffiti, guerrilla, interactive, katrina, orleans, politics, technology. No comments. is celebrating its official formation and public launch with a bash at Barrister’s Gallery Saturday, November 3rd. Food and drinks at 7pm, and DJs Brice Nice and Joey Buttons will fire it up into the night. Multimedia piece Pssst. Pass It On by Grow Design Work’s Brian Dougherty-Johnson will be shown, along with […]

NOLA Brand Mayhem

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Malcolm passed along this cartoon from SF Gate. Sad but true. Or hilarious. I can’t decide. After losing a few friends here, probably just sad. top