Social Media Ghettos.

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I’ve noted before that the vast, competing social networking sites seem to be aligning to members based on socio-economic status. The Globe And Mail’s Lisan Jutras continues the topic:

Last year, Facebook overtook MySpace in numbers of members. If you are like me, you made the switch because information was better organized on Facebook, and the layout was more conducive to clear communication. The fact that you were leaving behind a berserker aesthetic – cursors shaped like flames or hearts, layouts that take forever to load (and by forever, I mean, oh, one or two minutes), and messages wRiTtEn liKe ThIs – was a bonus. But according to Ms. Boyd, something more nefarious was going on, and that something was “white flight.”

Ms. Boyd came to her conclusions about MySpace – that MySpace is a digital “ghetto” populated by less-educated, lower-income non-whites – after months of research and interviews with teens across the United States. more

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