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Crack Lock.

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Crack Lock.
I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I’ve always been intrigued by locks and their vulnerabilities.  This diagram purports that any combination lock can be cracked relatively quickly with an applied process.  Hmmm.

The 1-second Flight.

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I believe that this is from Intel’s lobby.  Really puts Moore’s Law and the explosive expansion of technology in perspective.

Support Your Local Heroin Brand.

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Support Your Local Heroin Brand.
Neat blurb about a startup art project documenting ‘heroin brands’ – the stamps found on bags of heroin identifying their maker or seller.  This has always been a little intriguing to me.  You can support their project with a small donation here.

Hell Freezes Over.

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Hell Freezes Over.
Wow.  The New Orleans Saints, after 43 years of disappointment, won the Super Bowl last night.  Pretty crazy.  Overshadows the historic municipal elections over the weekend, and Mardi Gras is firing up to boot.  Pass the Tylenol. And to underscore the point, there’s this:

State of the Web.

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Great infographic re: web usage and demographic stats from