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Peace Nerds.

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Neat quickie shot of the stuff on our mantle at my office at Annunciation Interactive.  Photo by our friend and client David Guidry of Lakeside Photoworks.  The ‘Peace’ card was from our buddy Jake at PeopleMover last Xmas I think.

Won’t Bow. Don’t Know How.

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Won’t Bow.  Don’t Know How.
David Simon’s new HBO series ‘Treme’ debuted last Sunday, and I got to watch it recently.  It’s always tough to see New Orleans portrayed by the outside world, but Treme does so relatively well.   Gorgeous cinematography, great music and vibe – so we’ll try to forgive the heavy-handed cultural name dropping and awkward references.  All […]

DMC New Orleans

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DMC New Orleans
I’ve always been a bit of a turntablism geek, and hope to get down to the Hookah Club for this national, umm, battle.  Regardless, some of the older championships have been pretty insane.

TrustoCorp Truth.

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TrustoCorp Truth.
Check out this great Flickr set here. Decorating the streets of Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, street artist TrustoCorp adds personality to Metropolitan areas with these hand painted street signs. While all of the signs are amusing, some of them seem to carry a social message, while others come off a bit lighter. […]

Warmongering By the Numbers.

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Warmongering By the Numbers.
Great collection of infographics re: military spending from The Guardian.