Let’s Be Honest.

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Nation at War
We have been a country for 235 years.  We have been at war for 209 of those years.

I Want You.

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I Want You
Seems to be more & more the case…

Goodbye SF.

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Goodbye SF.
My mom & dad put their place in San Francisco up for sale today.  We lived there since the late Eighties.  Good times.  Lots of memories.  Need a sweet west coast pad? 2795clay.com


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Is it me you’re looking for? Love it. Second only to my favorite awesome cat.

Johnny Cash Project.

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Johnny Cash Project.
I stumbled across this and was astounded by the beauty. Just an incredible project. The video itself begins about halfway through the clip.

Color Psych Infographic

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Colors mean something.
I love me some infographics, and love me some pop psychology.  Hey, best of both worlds.  Click the image a few times to zoom to full size.

Banksy Ben

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Banksy Ben
Here’s Annunciation WordPress guru Twenty B’s posing w. a local Banksy piece.

TSA Grope Zone.

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TSA Grope Zone.
Saw this on BoingBoing and thought it was great.  Attributed to Oleg Volk.  Big topic as we lead into the holiday ‘flying’ season.

Rebuttal to Skeptics

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Lil Evel

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Saw this recently – this little guy, who has plagiocephaly, has parents who must have grown up in the 70s with me…  A+ for the Halloween gear!